A talented Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Musician, one who plays multiple instruments: the guitar, bass, drums and saxophone. He brings fresh sounds and jazzy blends of instrumentals as well as arrangements, which seem to have no boundaries.

Paul began to play instruments at the early age of six. He recorded his first single record with his father and two brothers, in which he was at that time referred to as “the little ball of fire”, because of his explosive persona. The group called themselves the Dozier Singers. They were a local family quartet that performed throughout the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas for over ten years. At the age fifteen, Paul explored the jazz arena, and played with the industries great pioneer, Jazz drummer Al (Tutti) Heath of the famous Heath Brothers.

Over the years Paul formed his own band(“The Brothers in Christ). They recorded two albums for New Dawn Records, which was distributed by A&M Records and received national as well as international acclaim. In 2001, Paul released his first solo album entitled “On a Glorious Journey” which garnered him a major distribution deal with Orpheus/EMI Records. In 2005 he released his 2nd CD titled ‘ “Compassion” which recieved great waves in Canada and the U.S’. In 2008 he released his 3rd CD titled ‘On Way Street’. His 4th CD ”Coolin On the 7th Day” garnered him a hit single, “It Means I Love Yah”

As a side man Paul has played guitar for some of smooth jazz favorites such as Brian Simpson, Eric Darius, Jakeim Joyner, Jessie J.,Four80East, Brian Lenair, Willie Bradley, Althea Renea, Tom Braxton, Oli Silk, Tom Brown, and Pamela Williams

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